Moving Tips

Organization and Planning

A good starting tip is to decide if you are packing yourself or you can use our professional packing services.

Allow at least two weeks for packing yourself. It is easy to underestimate the time required to pack.

We typically can pack you in one day depending on the quantity of items.

Have Plenty of Supplies

Purchase quality packing supplies such as packing paper, paper pads, tape, markers, labels, dividers, and inserts. You can find various sizes and quality boxes at your local office supply store. 



In order to protect your belongings during the move, it is important to use quality packing materials.

Pack on a room-by-room basis. Mark or label each box with its destination room on the top and at least two sides and list contents. Start packing least used rooms first, such as garage and attics. Pack kitchen and bathroom last. Pack all your items including lampshades (take out light bulbs), shelves in the appropriate boxes using paper pads, packing paper and dividers for extra protection. Personally transport irreplaceable photos, financial papers and assets (bank checks, insurance policies, etc.), legal documents (wills, passports, etc.) valuables (jewelry, coin and stamp collection, etc.) and medical records during the move. Designate a box for essential items, which is loaded last and unloaded first (toilet paper, toothpaste and brushes, medication, snacks, coffee and coffee pot, flashlight, screwdriver, pliers, can opener, paper plates, cups, utensils, a couple of pans, paper towels, telephone and telephone book). Unpack breakables over the box you are taking them out of, so that if you happen to drop an item, it will land on some packing material and reduce the chance of breakage

Do Not Pack

We will wrap and pad your furniture and appliances. Remove loose items from furniture, for example loose shelves from bookcases, glass shelves from china cabinets, keys in buffet doors, etc. Please notify us of any items requiring disassembly and/or crating (chandeliers, large glass table tops, etc) so that we can wrap, box or crate these articles. As a safety precaution, we cannot pack, move nor store flammables such as paint, varnish, thinners, gasoline, kerosene, oil, candles, matches, bottles gas, aerosol cans, ammunition and explosives.